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67. “CRUCEA ALBĂ” HOTEL no98 Revoluţiei Blvd

The hotel was erected in 1840, after it had been designed by the Austrian architect Franz Mahler. In front of the building there was the mail coach station, which made the connection to the region of Banat and Transylvania until the railway was built. For half a century it was the most elegant and the most popular hotel of the city; it was here that hot water in the rooms was used for the first time in our city. In the main room of the edifice Franz Liszt, Johann Strauss the son, Johannes Brahms, Pablo Casals gave concerts.

Among other celebrities that were guests of the hotel we can mention: the Austrian emperor Franz Joseph I, the designer of the Suez Canal – Ferdinand Lesseps, the French composers Leo Delibes and Jules Massenet, the writers Caragiale, Coșbuc, Octavian Goga, Krúdy Gyula, Móricz Zsigmond.



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