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72. BELLER HOUSE no18 Timişorii Avenue

As a representative household for the Swabish district from Aradul Nou (“The New Arad“), the Beller House preserves the typical elements of the houses belonging to the Swabian middle class members: late Baroque style, the ornaments of the windows, the large gate with vault and the wrought iron gate (unfortunately it is not the original one). The house is also known as “Casa cu ghiulele” (i.e. the “House with Cannon Balls”), as it preserves to this day in its walls, covered in a pyramid-shape, the cannon balls from the bombing of 1848-1849.

In spite of the name, the district having the most ancient buildings in Arad owes its cultural independence and its German character to the Swabs from Bavaria, who had brought here their religious and musical culture, as well as their typical organisation and efficiency.


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