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73. “ROMÂNUL” PALACE no18 Vasile Goldiş Street

Here was the head office of the newspaper “Românul” (i.e. The Romanian), lead by the great politician Vasile Goldiş and at the same time here was his residence during the last years of his life; at present this building is used as a memorial museum dedicated to Vasile Goldiş, where there are exhibited ancient documents from that age, papers with a significant correspondence (among the famous names found in these messages, we can mention: I. L. Caragiale, O. Goga, N. Titulescu), furniture items, photos, books etc.

Vasile Goldiş (1862-1934) a fost pedagog, om politic, membru de onoare (1919) al Academiei Române, şi rămâne în istoria românească datorită rolului crucial în negocierile pentru înfăptuirea Marii Uniri din 1918.


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