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75. THE STATUE OF SAINT JOHN NEPOMUK Episcopiei Street corner with Desseanu Street

It is the most ancient monument of the city, although at present the original statue lies within the Roman Catholic Church Arad, while the copy exhibited in the small square on Episcopiei Street is the work of the artist Takács, native of Arad.

The statue was erected in 1729, right after the sanctification of the Czech bishop by the papacy. The saint was the protector of waters and bridges and the statue was originally placed on the bank of the Mureş River, near the building of the salt customs, and was moved to its current location in 1880 after the city hall and the dyke near the Mureş had been raised. The colourful statue comes from a Viennese studio, being the work of an anonymous sculptor, representing the saint in priestly garments, with rich Baroque ornamentation, holding the cross in his hand.


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