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76. THE STATUE OF LIBERTY THE TRIUMPHAL ARCH Park of the Romanian-Hungarian Reconciliation

The Triumphal Arch was designed by the sculptor Ioan Bolborea and symbolises the revolution from the 3 Romanian countries; underneath the arch one can see the revolutionary men from Bucharest walking, and on the arch there can be seen the bas-reliefs of the leaders of the 1848 movements from Ţara Românească (i.e. Romanian Country), Transylvania and Moldova. Among them there are: Nicolae Bălcescu, Avram Iancu and Mihail Kogălniceanu. One can also find illustrated the moment of reconciliation between Avram Iancu and Ludovic Kossuth. The Statue of Liberty was unveiled on 6 October 1890, being the work of the sculptor Gyorgy Zala from Budapest; the main statue is a composition which symbolises freedom. The groups of secondary statues are entitled: The Awakening of Liberty, The Fighting Spirit, The Devotion Spirit and The Dying Fighter. Around the statue there are the bas-reliefs of the 13 martyr generals. The Reconciliation Park was opened to the public on 25 April 2004 in the presence of the governmental delegations of the Republic of Romania and the Republic of Hungary.


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