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78. THE 13 MARTYR GENERALS 13 Martiri Square, Subcetate Area

The monument’s aim is to symbolically mark the place where the 13 officers of the Hungarian army were killed during the war of 1848, seen as the war of liberation from the Habsburg Empire. The monument soon became a place of pilgrimage, being the most appropriate place accessible to civilians in reality. The executions by shooting took place within the fortress, and those by hanging 200 meters away, towards the North. It was completed on October 6, 1881 and the opening speech was held by the young lawyer Bela Barabaş.

13 officers were killed as traitors by the Austrians (they were declared as follows: 3 Hungarians, 3 Germans, 2 Austrians, 2 Armenians, 1 Serb, 1 Croatian, 1 Slavonic); they had been generals in the army of Iosif Behm.


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