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79. THE HOLY TRINITY STATUE in front of the “Ioan Slavici“ Classical Theatre

The “Holy Trinity” monument was made one hundred years ago with the financial support of the population, in order to thank this way to God for having saved Arad from the scourge of the plague between 1737-1738. Located on the main boulevard of the city, in front of the Classical Theatre, the monument was removed by the communist authorities in 1957, on the formal grounds that it did not fit any longer into the architectural environment of the municipality, from the town-planning point of view.

After the 1989 Revolution, many civic and religious associations have expressed their desire that the monument be relocated, but the initiative was first materialized in 1993 when a decision of the Local Council was issued. The monument is 12 meters high, consisting of a limestone obelisk, a pedestal with steps and a bronze statuary group representing the Holy Trinity.


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