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5. “A.D. XENOPOL” COUNTY LIBRARY no2-4 Gheorghe Popa de Teiuş Street

The collection of antique books of A.D. Xenopol Library of Arad is one of the most valuable in Romania, comprising the rare historic patrimony documents published between 1481 and 1900 in French, German, Latin, Hungarian, old Greek, English, Polish, Hebrew and Italian.

Arad’s first public library opens in 1913, in the building of the Cultural Palace. After 1 December 1918, the number of volumes in the library collection keeps growing as a result of the donations made by the country’s leading scholars, as well as by local and central institutions. After two changes of location, since 1984 the library is established in its current building. The building in eclectic style with Secession interior decorations dates from the early 20th century.


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