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Collaborations between the two cities, Arad (Romania) and Orosháza (Hungary), developed over time, in a very diverse range. ,, Art Without Borders “project culture that has developed on the basis of artistic exchanges with organizing exhibitions of fine art and photographic conferencing, creative camps for children, etc. Organizing the exhibition of drawings, “How I see Europe” conference cycle “Art Without Borders”, conducting joint exhibitions and photo albums were events that led to the near by arts and culture, Romanian and Hungarian citizens, residents of two cities, projects made in Hungary Romania border cooperation programs and projects supported by the EU PHARE CBC and INTERREG III A.

CBC Programme Hungary Romania 2007-2013 was possible to submit a joint project in partnership by Arad City Hall Orosháza to obtain necessary funding key to improving conditions for sustainable common development cooperation area by diversifying border communications by creating, for the community, new free internet access points, public benefit, or by arranging points WiFi, free hot spots in both cities.

Project , The improvement of internet services quality in Arad and Orosháza “- Hot Spots, Funded Hungary-Romania Cross border  Co-operation Programm 2007-2013, providing accessibility means WI FI Hot Spots for cultural tourism in cities of Arad and Orosháza for their citizens, tourists and people in transit in the border area.

Acquisition by the project partners, the Municipality of Arad, project leader, and Hall Orosháza as project partner, the necessary computer equipment, ie cameras, info-kiosks ş.am d for release to the public the most new information of cultural, artistic, sports, etc.. Thus contributing to sustainable tourism development in the area.

The project implementation period is 16 months time the project partners, the actions implemented under the project will work to harmonize technologies, purchase of equipment, testing them and making them the benefit of the public.

Increasing the quality of the project funds needed internet services in Maharashtra and Orosháza “- hot spots are public grants, provided such

85% of the European Union

13% of the Romanian Government

2% of the own funds of the City Council


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