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1. Cultural Palace, no. 1 George Enescu Square


The construction of the building was launched in 1901 by Kölcsey Cultural Society, which had begun the procedures to raise a building what would house the loca museum, the city library and a concert hall. For the construction of it, here was an international competition. Eventually the decision met was in favour of the services [...]

2. The Museum Complex no. 1 G. Enescu


In the period that followed, the public of Arad met in the concert hall many musical personalities. Mentionable are the famous concerts performed by the great tenor Traian Grozăvescu, the presence of Richard Strauss and Béla Bartók and especially the presence on several occasions of our great composer and violinist George Enescu. Currently, the building [...]

3. “IOAN SLAVICI” Classical Theatre no. 103 Revolutiei Blvd


In 1868 the city management decided to build the city hall and the theatre. The necessary amount of 700,000 florins was provided by a bank from Vienna. In 1874 emperor Franz Joseph I himself attended the inauguration. Originally the entrance was made from the street Vasile Goldiş and towards the boulevard there was the city [...]

4. Old Theatre (Hirschl), no.3 Gheorghe Lazar Street


The building of the former theatre has been in the city centre for about 190 years and was constructed by the trader Iacob Hirschl, a native of Vienna. This building is to be considered as the first place meant to be a permanent theatre in the country. It is known that in autumn 1817, the [...]

5. “A.D. XENOPOL” COUNTY LIBRARY no2-4 Gheorghe Popa de Teiuş Street


The collection of antique books of A.D. Xenopol Library of Arad is one of the most valuable in Romania, comprising the rare historic patrimony documents published between 1481 and 1900 in French, German, Latin, Hungarian, old Greek, English, Polish, Hebrew and Italian. Arad’s first public library opens in 1913, in the building of the Cultural [...]

6. “DELTA” GALLERY no2 M.Eminescu Street


The branch of the Union of Artists in Arad constantly expressed itself through different activities, especially through exhibitions of obvious artistic quality, exhibitions at branch, national and international level, workshops for drawing and sculpture, biennials with large area opening. Arad has become a powerful artistic centre, representative for the contemporary Romanian art.

7. “CLIO” GALLERY no90 Revolutiei Blvd


At ground floor of the building there is the arts gallery “Clio”, where art exhibitions take place. Since 1984 the Art Gallery of the Museum Complex develops its activity on the upper floors of this building and recommends the visiting of the permanent exhibition and, at the same time, various art exhi- bitions having temporary [...]

8. “ST. PETER AND PAUL” SERBIAN CHURCH no 1 Sârbească Square


The most ancient building in Arad was built between 1699-1702. The construction of the church was financed by Iovan Popovici Tekelija. The church dedicated to the holy apostles Peter and Paul got its current appearance between 1790-1822, its size being enlarged by Sava Tekelija, the founder’s grandson. The height of the tower was increased by [...]



“ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST”ORTHODOX CHURCH Catedralei Square After the former church had been demolished, bishop Procopius Ivaşcovici (1853-1873) initiated the construction of a representative sanctuary in the so-called “Tekelija Garden”. The design belonged to the architect Anton Ziegler, native from Arad. The works took place between 1862-1865. The facade of the church is in Classical [...]



The Church of the Minorites Order located in the centre of Arad was built in 1902-1903 on the place of a Baroque church in accordance with the design of the architect Emil Tabacovici from Arad. The building was actually a set of functions, including a printing house for books due to the focus of the [...]

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