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3. “IOAN SLAVICI” Classical Theatre no. 103 Revolutiei Blvd

In 1868 the city management decided to build the city hall and the theatre. The necessary amount of 700,000 florins was provided by a bank from Vienna. In 1874 emperor Franz Joseph I himself attended the inauguration. Originally the entrance was made from the street Vasile Goldiş and towards the boulevard there was the city café.

After the fire of 1882 the building was rebuilt according to the plans of A. Halmay. Following the second fire, which took place in 1955, the theatre underwent major changes: the main entrance was moved on the side with the boulevard, the size of the theatre room was reduced, a small theatre room was added, called the “Studio” room, and over the six columns with Corinthian capitals the tympanon with bas-relief was raised.


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