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Our neighbour: Arad


From certain points of view the geographical position of Orosháza, situated on the eastern part of the country, is disadvantageous, but if we think of the arriving tourists or the proximity of the border gives the town numerous benefits. Arad offers a wide choice of programmes and the town is rich of historic monuments, too. [...]

Orosháza Gastronomy


Gastronomic tour: local specialities – banana, bread and wheat germ pudding. The multi-coloured feature at Orosháza is present not only in culture and economy, but in the field of gastronomy as well. We can find effects of traditional farmer culture, of the mixed tastes from different regions, of the slovak minority. As a result of [...]

My Orosháza


The star chef gained his knowledge and expertise at Orosháza Zsolt Litauszki, one of the most famous chefs of Hungary, nowadays he has time to visit his hometown only once or twice a year but he is still applying successfully the experiences gained here. He is the creative chef of different restaurants such as Pest-Buda, [...]

Storm region

Road to nowhere

After centuries of war and violence today Storm region is one of the most peaceful regions in Hungary. The name “Storm region” is an approximate translation of the Hungarian term “viharsarok” (“storm corner”), a historical name indicating south-east (e.g. Békés county) of Hungary. The name, which is still used with pride by people living in [...]

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