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2. The Museum Complex no. 1 G. Enescu

In the period that followed, the public of Arad met in the concert hall many musical personalities. Mentionable are the famous concerts performed by the great tenor Traian Grozăvescu, the presence of Richard Strauss and Béla Bartók and especially the presence on several occasions of our great composer and violinist George Enescu. Currently, the building of the Cultural Palace houses the head offices of the County Museum and of the State Philharmonic.

The Museum of Arad was opened in 1893 as an exhibition of the 1948 Revolution, displayed in the hall from the second floor of the State Theatre. Two decades later, the museum moved into the building of the Cultural Palace, recently built at that time. Exhibition halls were arranged here for the collection of archaeology and medieval history, as well as a European art gallery. In the interwar period, there were added an ethnography exhibition room and two memorial rooms dedicated to the politicians Vasile Goldiş and Şt. Cicio-Pop


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