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4. Old Theatre (Hirschl), no.3 Gheorghe Lazar Street

The building of the former theatre has been in the city centre for about 190 years and was constructed by the trader Iacob Hirschl, a native of Vienna. This building is to be considered as the first place meant to be a permanent theatre in the country. It is known that in autumn 1817, the German theatre group led by Christopher Kun were active here. The first important event of the theatre was the performance on the “Thalia” stage.

Some examples of artists who came here over the years are: Treuman, Johann Strauss – the son, or the band of Pascaly with Mihai Eminescu as prompter. The former theatre was closed in 1873, and in 1907 “Urania” the first cinema in Arad, was opened to the public. The first performance of a Romanian film – “Independence War” took place here. In 1917 the theatre hall got the shape it has today.


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