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Press Material



5904 Gyopárosfürdő, 3 Fasor Street

Tel.: +36 (68) 512-260

Fax: +36 (68) 512-261


Press material

Orosháza- Gyopárosfürdő


22 June 2013, A NEW TIME ZONE

The city’s refurbished central square shall be handed over; it was designed by the landscape architect Török Péter, holder of Prima Primissima award.

The glass statue illustrating a wild pear tree of 5.5 m tall is a unique monument in Europe, which shall decorate the central square of Orosháza City as of the end of the summer.

The central square serves as a host location to many cultural and gastronomic events, of which you can find out more in the events’ calendar.


Gyopárosfürdő – join us!

The most important outcome of 2012 is the Spa and Recreation Baths “Gyopárosfürdő Gyógy-, Park és Élményfürdő”, as well as the relocation of the three – star hotel and of the conference centre Alföld Gyöngye pertaining to this spa centre. Regarding the services provided on the seven hectares of therapy and recreation centre, we have put an emphasis on the client family support, for example by creating family access tickets. In this centre, you can find places to change diapers, children baths and countless facilities for those who come accompanied by their small children.

Free services: children playground and children leaving place, playground, two water balls, bicycles rental for adults and children, service also ensured at Alföld Gyöngye Hotel. You can enjoy the lake by travelling with water bicycles and boats. For those who prefer active recreation, our water handball, water football and water volleyball offer countless possibilities of sport making. In addition, each weekend hosts amusing animations in the water, under water, in the air….

In 2013, the hotel shall start the season assisted by Service4You Hotel Management Company. Children entry up to six years shall be free and up to 14, a discount of 50% shall be granted.


New services in Wellness field

The wellness and therapeutic packages also exist in the offer of the surrounding hotels, as well as the new exclusive massage sessions, different physical exercises and sauna sessions at the end of the week. The gift cards and wellness cards offered by the centre are extremely popular, and the introduction of 2 – 3 day wellness packages offers the possibility to try the new services in wellness field at a low cost.



Those who visit the spa centre have the pleasure of joining weekend programs and permanent festivals; among them, the most popular festival is the Beer and Wiener Sausage Festival and the 10th European Bread Festival.


Successful campaign with blood donators

In 2012, based upon the agreement concluded with the Red Cross of Hungary, the spa centre offered free access to all blood donators. According to data recorded, each donator brought another visitor with him/her. The campaign created a significant number of blood donators, as 6.000 honour tickets were distributed. The next year, the campaign shall continue with the help of Red Cross of Hungary in Serbia.


An increased interest proven by the growth of tourists visiting the centre

The sports traffic is a result of the promotion campaigns and advertisings concerning Gyopárosfürdő spa centre. The multitude of tourists is proven by the fact that in 2012, the number of visitors increased by 20%.


The excellence award for the contents of Gyopárosfürdő internet page

The internet page of Orosháza- Gyopárosfürdő spa centre (www.gyoparosfurdo-oroshaza.hu), which is entitled to hold the title of Excellence for its content, exhaustively summarizes the programs, the touristic attractions and the local and regional accommodation facilities. The facebook campaigns of the spa centre led to creation of fans who may be directly informed about the novelties. Family programs are also promoted on such forums.

The internet page of the three – star hotel and of Alföld Gyöngye Conference Centre was also changed, as an automatic system for online room booking was implemented.



And the future …

As of March 2013, Orosháza–Gyopárosfürdő City opens a travel office acting as member of TDM Organization – The Future Builders – , which, apart from promoting the city and operating the Tourinform Office, it promotes the services of Gyopárosfürdő Spa Centre along with the touristic products of TDM members, respectively with the attractions in the city and region, thus guaranteeing complex thrills for its visitors.


In case you need additional information regarding the press material or the images, please do not hesitate to contact the following persons:

Regarding the touristic development projects in Orosháza:

Dedák Angéla

Jövő Építők Turisztikai Desztináció Menedzsment Közhasznú Egyesület

Tel.: +36 20 551 2420

E-mail: angela.dedak@gmail.com


The contact person of “Gyopárosfürdő Gyógy-, Park és Élményfürdő” Spa Centre:

Dégi Éva, Sales Manager

Tel.: +36 30 667 0601

E-mail: degi.eva@gyoparosfurdo.hu



The contact person on behalf of the three – star Hotel and of Alföld Gyöngye Conference Centre:

Kauser Gábor, Hotel Manager

Tel.: +36 68 512 710

E-mail: director@alfoldgyongye.hu



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