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8. “ST. PETER AND PAUL” SERBIAN CHURCH no 1 Sârbească Square

The most ancient building in Arad was built between 1699-1702. The construction of the church was financed by Iovan Popovici Tekelija. The church dedicated to the holy apostles Peter and Paul got its current appearance between 1790-1822, its size being enlarged by Sava Tekelija, the founder’s grandson. The height of the tower was increased by 4m by qualified workers from Ukraine, adding a Rococo spire. Within the church there were preserved to this day the oldest flags of the guilds of Arad.

Sava Tekelija (1761-1842) the first Doctor of Law having Serbian origins, the founder of “Matica srpska”, a philanthropist, a politician, a noble and trader, native of Arad.


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